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FSX - Mellansels airport - ESUI
In the area of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden you find this airfield / airport since 1973. But it was in 1968 the project was launch because the need of an airfield for soaring planes.

Homepage: Airport info.

» DOWNLOAD v1 - Summer edition

» DOWNLOAD v1 - Winter edition

OBS! if using both Summer and Winter sceneries, it's recomended to uncheck the winter scenery MBL_ESUI-W when flying in summer and MBL_ESUI in the winter.
If you have both sceneries active you can get flickering textures!

Problems & Updates
OBS! All the screenshots is showing the scenery in FSX and with the addons (Ultimate Terrain X - Europe) and (Ultimate Terrain Lights) and (GEX Europe) theese programs is not freeware.

Tips! if problems with trees allover runways, disable (uncheck) (Autogen Forest Performance Fix) in (Ground Enviroment X)

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We will be pleased if you support this scenery with pictures from this airport. -Real pictures as well as pictures from the scenery. With real pictures we can make the updated versions better
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