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FSX - Örnsköldsvik Airport - ESNO
Örnsköldsvik Airport, is a regional airport located 24 km northeast of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, at Husum, built in 1961.
On 31 October 2014, Örnsköldsvik airport received permission to have the first remote controlled air control tower in the world. The tower is controlled from Sundsvall-Timrä Airport
Homepage: http://oer.se/


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Tree in airfield
Some will find "ghost" tree in the airfield near the taxiway... Some not. There have been no way for me to get rid of them and i dont know if it a third party program problem or anything else. Dont ask me to get rid of them because i dont know how.
P3D - issues
Some say it works fine, others have minor problems. I have done this scenery for FSX and will not spend time fixing it for P3D so if you have problems with it in P3D please dont ask me to fix it.
As with any of my sceneries you are free to use them, convert or experiment for yourself. I will not give you any technical support though. If you convert and spread it you have to inform in your package that MBL Dezign is main author
OBS! All the screenshots is showing the scenery in FSX and with the addons (Ultimate Terrain X - Europe) and (Ultimate Terrain Lights) and (GEX Europe) theese programs is not freeware.

Tips! if problems with trees allover runways, disable (uncheck) (Autogen Forest Performance Fix) in (Ground Enviroment X)