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FSX - Stockholm Skavsta - ESKN
Stockholm Skavsta Airport. Stockholm Skavsta Airport is located near Nyköping, 100 km southwest of Stockholm. At the moment, there are direct flights to 45 destinations all over Europe.
Homepage: www.skavsta.se


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v1.1 - if you got troubles with building crashes you can try this version
P3D - issues
Some say it works fine, others have problems with grass leaking through aprons. I have done this scenery for FSX and will not spend time fixing it for P3D so if you have problems with it in P3D please dont ask me to fix it.
As with any of my sceneries you are free to use them, convert or experiment for yourself. I will not give you any technical support though.
OBS! All the screenshots is showing the scenery in FSX and with the addons (Ultimate Terrain X - Europe) and (Ultimate Terrain Lights) and (GEX Europe) theese programs is not freeware.

Tips! if problems with trees allover runways, disable (uncheck) (Autogen Forest Performance Fix) in (Ground Enviroment X)

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We will be pleased if you support this scenery with pictures from this airport. -Real pictures as well as pictures from the scenery. With real pictures we can make the updated versions better
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